Packing and Shipping typically takes at least one week after the auction closes to send out your purchases.  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We are very busy Monday and Tuesday with local pick up so it may be Wednesday before we are able to respond. We will charge your registration credit card for your purchases.  Once the shipping is calculated we will charge your card for a second time.  This process is much more convenient for us. 


We are willing to ship any  items through USPS Priority mail FedEx, or UPS . The cost of shipping, handling and insurance will be charged to the buyer’s credit card. We will only ship items with a tracking number. We will not send any packages through the regular mail. 

Shipping Restrictions: We will not ship any items that are or over 50lbs. We will not ship any items that are larger than 30” in height, length or width with an exception for firearms. We will not ship large box lots of glassware or any other kinds of fragile items. 

Handling: There is a $5 handling fee added to each Priority Mail box we pack. Anything that  does not fit within one of these boxes there is a $10 handling fee added to each box. We will not ship anything larger than 30” in length, width or height with an exception with firearms. There is a $15 handling fee when shipping firearms. 

Insurance Deductible:  Insurance is 2% of the items value with a minimum $20. Insurance claims must be filed within 3 business days from the shipment’s arrival

Firearms Shipping: All postage, insurance and $15 handling fee will be added to EACH shipment. They must be sent to a FFL. When we receive the FFL we will then begin to pack your items.

Ammunition and Magazine Shipping: All ammunition and any magazines must be shipped to an FFL, regardless of your state’s regulations (we follow NYS rules and regulations). *Primers are considdered hazardous materials and cannot be shipped. There will be a $5 handling fee per package. 

Fragile or Large Item Shipping: All these items will be taken to our local FedEx location to be packed and shipped. You will be responsible for all costs charged by FedEx. There will be an additional $10 transportation fee, the closest FedEx Shipping location to us is 1 hour away and we will not be able to take the item there right away.

We are not professional shippers but do everything we can to send your item safely. if you have special instructions, please call our office prior to your items being shipped. We will not be responsible for damaged items during shipping!  
We will not be responsible for items missing in your delivery!

Please bring someone to help load the items you purchase.  If you buy heavy furniture bring TWO capable people to help you load!  Our employees will be busy checking out customers.  Loader available on site for heavy items.  We have a loading ramp for atv's, golf carts and lawn mowers.
Remember all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  All postage, insurance and $15 handling fee will be added to EACH gun (not shipment).
All firearms & ammunition must be shipped to your FFL of choice.  Purchase pick ups can also be made at our office.

All firearm purchases require a Federal Background Check (Nics  Check) unless you have a Federal Firearms License.  All pistols require a pistol permit unless you have a federal firearms license.  Some firearms are not NYS compliant.  Read the descriptions prior to bidding.